Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Optimizing parked domain

It’s  difficult to conduct a statistically correct split test of the landing page of a parked domain. But that doesn’t mean not to test. It just means doing the best you can. Just don’t give up if you get a few visitors and nobody clicks –that’s not enough traffic to base a decision on! Ultimately it depends on your traffic, but bigger the number of results, the more statistically significant they are.

So make one small change, wait a few days, and then review the results. E.g. here are a few things that will impact on your conversions and are worth testing. The keyword or key phrase you’ve chosen for your parked domain.

Alternatively, go down to your local store and view a couple of magazines related to that niche. Test various color combinations until you’ve found the highest earning one. Basically, the more you understand your target market, the faster you’ll  be able to short cut some of your testing and optimize your domain. So get inside the heads of your targeted visitors. Who are they? What are they really looking for when they visit your site? Imagine yourself as one of the members of your target market.

Correspondingly, including animations, video, audio or anything that distracts a visitor from clicking on your offers should be avoided. However, you want to subtlety direct the visitor to your ads. Avoid asking them to click as this is probably against the terms and conditions of your parking company and the advertiser. But do guide them to your offers so they virtually have no choice but to click on them or exit the site altogether

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