Monday, August 31, 2015

Domain use of email

Most of the people who are new to web design and blogging don’t understand the capabilities that come free with their domain, so they don’t take advantage of them.

Why not use the domain email which is free with your hosting account? Using email addresses like will look much more professional than the personal email—and the best part is, it’s free!

Forwarded email addresses are sometimes called “aliases”. An alias, as you know, is another name that refers to a given person. This means you can have any email address you want provided you own the domain name, and you’ll be able to access it from anywhere a browser is handy. Setting it up is a little intimidating, but if you follow these steps, you should be in the clear. (And you only have to set it up once!)

Some important integrate to get your new domain email with Gmail.

Sign in to your Gmail account.
Go to options, then to mail settings then click accounts and imports.
Check send mail as and click on add another email address.
In the popup that appears, fill in your details add the new domain email address you just created then click next.
Click on send verification and a verification email will be delivered to your inbox. Simply click on the link to verify it and you are done.
Now click on compose email and see the changes you’ve made in action.
I hope these steps are clear enough for you to set up your own domain email address.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Back order the domain name.

Domain name backordering is a service that allows anyone to reserve a domain name in the event that the name is not yet available to the public. If there is a domain name you wish to use, but is currently owned by another party. You can submit a domain name backorder request to the register. The register will notify you when that domain expires and becomes publicly available again. Once you have decided on the domain name you want to use, your next step is to choose a registrar for your domain name registration.
Registrars very in price, services offered, ease of use, management system and more. A registrar is the company that takes your domain name registration information and reserves your domain from the main registry. For domain registration you should keep some common things in your mind. That’s:
Price value of your domain including the registrar, their customer support, testimonies etc.
Your domain registrar should be ICANN accredited because ICANN maintains a list of accredited domain registrars.
You should pay attention to ownership clause and other terms of condition. Read and understand your domainregistration terms.
You shouldn’t register your domain for more than one year in the beginning. You will need a domain name management panel for you to manage your own domain name.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Domain controller

Domain controller is a server of Microsoft server that works for security authentication of requests within the Windows server domain like logging in, checking permissions etc. A domain is a concept introduced in Windows NT whereby a user may be granted access to a number of computer resources with the use of single username and password combination.

In Windows NT server we used domain controller pre domain which was configured as the primary domain controller (PDC) and all other domain controllers were used only backup domain controllers (BDC).
PDC and BDC domain controller works in together to stores user account information, authenticates users and enforces security policy for a windows domain. But main jobs of BDC is authenticate the users in a domain and all updates to the domain like new users, changed passwords, group membership etc only be made via the PDC. That would then propagate these changes to all BDCS in the domain.

When we face any interrupt in domain controller it’s mean PDC is unable to communicate with the user requesting the change or permanently unavailable (e.g. if machine failed), then the existing BDC could be promoted to be a PDC. Because critical nature of the PDC. The best practices dictated that the PDC should be dedicated only to domain services and not used for file/print/application services that could slow down or crash the system. Some arbiters took the additional step of having a dedicated BDC online for the express purpose of being available for promotion if the PDC failed.
In a Windows NT network not all servers need to be a PDC or BDC. A server can be designated as a