Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Custom domains allow you to point a domain

Custom domains allow you to point a domain of your own to your Bandcamp site, removing the “bandcamp.com” from the URL and multiplying your site’s that already impressive veneer of respectability. Domain registrar is a third-party company that sells and registrar’s domain names. Bandcamp is not a domain registrar. Setting up a custom domain requires some advanced DNS finding which is not for novices.
A domain name that you or someone else registers with a domain registrar, base domains contain no extra dots. E.g. example.com is a base domain. But www.example.com is not, because it contains an extra dot. Another example example.co.nz is a base domain, Like com or co.nz are not base domains for our purpose because you can’t registrar them.
A base domain with one or more parts added to the beginning as extra dots.
By default domain name you chose when you signed up for Bandcamp.
A base domain or sub-domain that you control and point to your Bandcamp site. Your fans will see the custom domain in their browser instead of your Bandcamp sub-domain.
The domain name system (DNS) is the magical collection of gears and pulleys which allows a web browser to translate a domain to a website. So you need to tell DNS that your custom domain now should point to Bandcamp.
The way you update DNS varies depending on your domain registrar is general the process goes something like-
Ø  Log into your domain registrar’s website.
Ø  Select the base domain you want to modify.
Ø  Find the section for managing DNS entries. The name of this section varies, but is usually something like” DNS Configuration”, “DNS records” Advanced DNS, Host records etc.

Ø  Now the instruction branch depending on whether you’ve chosen a base domain or a sub-domain